Michelle Lewin Shares Adorable Array Of Photos With Husband Jimmy: 'Enjoying Every Minute'

Stacy Carey

Venezuelan fitness model and popular social media influencer Michelle Lewin shared a fabulous update via Instagram on Monday. She just celebrated the Christmas holiday with her husband Jimmy Lewin, and as her 13.8 million followers know, this one was pretty special.

A few months ago, Jimmy was hospitalized and fighting for his life. Michelle explained that he was in dire condition and it was something of a miracle that he recovered and was able to head home. He has regained his health in many important ways, although this new post noted that he still had a tough path ahead of him.

The Monday post contained a lengthy caption and five photos. Michelle and Jimmy posed in front of a Christmas tree and they both wore cozy clothing emblazoned with Mickey Mouse. She wore a long-sleeved sweatshirt while Jimmy had on a short-sleeved T-shirt, and they both wore roomy gray pants. Mickey's image and name were screened on everything.

In the first photo, Michelle was on Jimmy's back. She wrapped her legs around his waist and one arm around his neck, and they made silly, fun faces for the camera. The Venezuelan beauty was wearing long, blond extensions that she had styled into two long braids.

In her caption, the fitness model explained that she was enjoying every second of being with her husband. Michelle said that her family being healthy was priceless to her now and she noted that the only gift she wanted was health for those around her.

Michelle also shared that Jimmy had regained much of his health. His kidneys and liver were functioning well now, which signaled a significant improvement compared to a few months ago. However, he still faces heart surgery early in 2021.

Apparently, these Mickey outfits were Michelle's gift and Jimmy seemingly stayed in them for three days. It certainly looked like the pair had a low-key, fun holiday with one another and her fans showed her plenty of love in reaction to this update.

In about a day, more than 440,000 likes and 3,800 comments poured in from her millions of fans.

"Love you guys and thank you for being so down-to-earth I'm so glad Jimmy is getting better and better God bless," one fan wrote.

"Absolutely LOVE seeing posts like this," another noted.

"This is so freaking cute I CANT" So glad he's making a recovery and that you still have each other," someone else declared.

Michelle and her husband have certainly been through a tough time over the past few months. However, it appears that they've come through it stronger than ever and are pretty excited about where they are now along with what's ahead.