NFL News: Josh Allen Discusses 'Playoff-Like' Game Vs. Rams In Week 1

Josh Allen
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Ernesto Cova

The reigning champions Los Angeles Rams will host the Buffalo Bills to kick off the 2022 NFL season. The Bills are the consensus favorite to represent the AFC in the upcoming Super Bowl, so this might as well be a preview of the championship-winning matchup.

Also, the Rams will unveil their Super Bowl banner, giving this already exciting clash a bit of a competitive boost.

It Could Be Awkward

Josh Allen
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The Bills are coming off a heartbreaking end to the season. Some believe they were Super Bowl-bound, so watching another team raise its banner will be an unpleasant sight, to say the least:

"Going to play the defending Super Bowl champs and watching them raise their banner, that'll be an interesting feeling for sure," Josh Allen said.

It Will Be A Playoffs Atmosphere

Josh Allen
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Allen knows the crowd at So-Fi Stadium will be invested and hostile. It'll be like a playoff game in September, so that should set the tone to start the season on a high note:

"I've talked to a few people who have played and coached in this game before, and just really the unanimous thing that they were talking about was it feels like playoff atmosphere. So, we got to understand that going in, not get too high, not get too low. Understand the flow of the game and just try to put our best foot forward," Allen added.

Allen Is Looking Ahead

Josh Allen
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Allen also knows that he can cling to the past and what happened last season. The Bills need to look ahead and focus on what they can control:

"I mean you can get lost in that, but our goal is moving forward and focusing on Week 1 and this season," Allen said. "Again, it starts Thursday night. You can't live looking in the past. We gotta focus on what's ahead."

It's A Long Season

Josh Allen
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The Bills need to take it one week at a time. The game against the Rams won't define their season, so they need to be cautious about the narrative after the game:

"It's Week 1 of a long season," Allen said. "It's one game, and we're looking forward to playing this game, but it's not going to make our season. The ultimate goal is to win the Super Bowl, and you have to take it week by week."

Buffalo has arguably the most talent on both sides of the ball this season, so their mental strength will be key to finally reaching their ceiling.