NBA Rumors: 3 Team Trade Sends Eric Gordon To The Lakers

Eric Gordon
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Ernesto Cova

The Los Angeles Lakers have been mostly quiet throughout the NBA offseason, but it's not like they haven't tried to get deals done.

Moving Russell Westbrook has been an uphill battle for Rob Pelinka. The front office refuses to part ways with two first-round picks to get rid of the former MVP, and their salary cap situation has prevented them from making any big moves.

Lakers Land A Shooter

Eric Gordon
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The Lakers will likely hold on to Westbrook until they find a team willing to meet them in the middle. But they can't afford to sleep on their laurels, so they need to make some other moves to revamp their roster while they still can.

In this hypothetical scenario, the Lakers get some help from the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets to land Eric Gordon and solve their spacing issues with a sharpshooter.

In return, the Thunder would land Talen Horton-Tucker, Kendrick Nunn, and two second-round picks via Lakers and Rockets. On the other hand, the Rockets would get Darius Bazley, Damian Jones, and Derrick Favors.

Why Would OKC Do This?

Talen Horton-Tucker
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We know Sam Presti has a thing for gathering draft capital, even if we're talking about second-rounders. But more than that, they'd be interested in this move for the players involved.

Talen Horton-Tucker fits their timeline and would have an extended run coming off the bench. Kendrick Nunn would be a big upgrade for their backup PG position, and getting Derrick Favors' deal off their books would only sweeten the deal.

What's In It For The Rockets?

Darius Bazley
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The Rockets would get Eric Gordon's $19 million over two years off their books. Also, they'd land a versatile athlete in Darius Bazley, who's eligible to sign an extension, can guard both forward spots and even play at the five, and is young enough to be worth a flier on him.

They could buy Favors out or let his expiring deal run out, and they'd have a defensive-minded backup C to play behind Alperen Sengun in Damian Jones.

Everybody Wins

Eric Gordon
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This is perhaps the only way the Lakers could land a veteran sharpshooter without having to give up a first-round pick.

Of course, losing a promising payer like Horton-Tucker is a big blow, but they still have a potential building block in Austin Reeves, and it's not like they can afford to wait until (if) THT turns out to be good when their title window is closing by the day.