NBA Rumors: Bulls Land Kyrie Irving In Proposed Blockbuster Deal

Kyrie Irving
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Ernesto Cova

For years, the Chicago Bulls have been on the market for a superstar that could lead them back to the top of the world. And, while Zach LaVine and DeMar DeRozan have proven to be great together, it still feels like they could use another scoring threat to get the job done.

So, with Arturas Karnisovas proving that he won't hesitate to be aggressive and will explore the trade market for every star that's potentially available, one could only wonder whether they'd be interested in Kyrie Irving.

Why Would The Bulls Do It?

Kyrie Irving
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The Bulls looked great with Lonzo Ball on the court, but there are serious concerns about his injured knee. Some fear he won't be ready for the start of training camp, and he's been quite injury-prone throughout his career.

In this scenario, they'd land a top-tier insurance policy by adding Kyrie Irving in return for Nikola Vucevic, Coby White, and Javonte Green.

Vucevic's defensive flaws hurt the Bulls last season. White has been mentioned in multiple trade rumors, and they don't need him or green with Ball, Goran Dragic, Alex Caruso, Dalen Terry, and Ayo Dosunmu on the team.

Why Would The Nets Accept?

Kyrie Irving
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The Brooklyn Nets didn't offer Kyrie a contract extension, which is unlikely to change throughout the next season. They've called him out repeatedly, so it seems like they wouldn't mind letting him go.

Vucevic isn't a rim protector by any means, but he'd solve several of the Nets' rebounding issues. He'd give them another scoring threat in the pick and roll with Ben Simmons running the offense, and he could even stretch the floor with his shooting skills.

Also, Coby White would thrive next to Cam Thomas, giving them a much-needed offensive spark off the bench.

Kyrie Is Unpredictable

Kyrie Irving
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The Nets would gladly accept this just to make Kyrie be someone else's problem. He's failed to show his commitment to the organization, and they'd land a young player who could still be good.

From the Bulls' side, this would be risky as Irving only has one year left in his deal. But still, they could work out an extension and lock up one of the best scorers in the game for the future.

Bulls Become A Contender

Kyrie Irving
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The Bulls could go small and have one of the best offenses in the game while still having enough defensive-minded players in Caruso, Ball, Patrick Williams, and Tony Bradley.

Rim protection and lack of size would be an issue, but this is the kind of risky move the team needs to do to finally get over the hump and go back to their winning ways.