Tigers' Miguel Cabrera Clears The Air On Retirement After 'Really Bad' Knee Injury

Miguel Cabrera
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Ernesto Cova

Detroit Tigers fans — and baseball fans, for what is worth — sounded off the alarms when Miguel Cabrera hinted at walking away from the game after suffering a knee injury.

The veteran slugger will sit out the rest of the season and sounded quite pessimistic about his ability to be back on the field again:

"My right knee is really bad," Cabrera told ESPN's Sage Steele. "I need to take care of this in the offseason and prepare myself for next season. I say two more years. I think that's enough. I will be happy with 20 years in the big leagues if I can make it. Thank God for giving me this opportunity. Two more years and I'm done." "I don't feel well right now," the World Series champion added. "I'm trying to do whatever I can to go out there and play, but I don't feel really good right now."

He's Not Going Anywhere

Miguel Cabrera
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That's why it was such a huge relief when Tigers insider Chris McCosky reported that Miggy had no intention of retiring right now. Instead, he wants to finish his deal with the Tigers and then walk away at the end of next season:

"Miguel Cabrera just told me, directly, that he has no intention of retiring after this year. His plan, he said, is to finish out his contract and retire after 2023," McCosky tweeted.

The future Hall of Famer was turning back the clock in his 19th season in Major League Baseball, slashing .267/.317/.331. The power wasn't there but he was making contact like he used to, leading the team in hits (88) and ranking second in RBIs (37) despite his age.

He finally looked healthy after several seasons of struggling with injuries, so this was a major blow for a Tigers team that hasn't been able to catch a break all year long.

A Legendary Career

Miguel Cabrera
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But even if Miggy were to call it a day, it's not like he left any sort of unfinished business. He's widely considered one of the greatest sluggers of all time and has won pretty much any individual accolade a player could dream of.

Miggy dominated nearly at will in his prime. He won the Triple Crown in an era most people thought it was impossible and became the seventh player to get at least 3,000 hits and 500 homers. So, if this is goodbye, there's not much we could say but thank you, Miggy.