NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Could Trade Duncan Robinson And Tyler Herro For Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward
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Ernesto Cova

Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra aren't satisfied with their team right now. The Miami Heat lost P.J. Tucker in the offseason, and it seemed like they were lacking star power even before his departure.

They've been close to the ultimate glory multiple times in the Jimmy Butler era. But it's clear that they need to add another piece to finally get over the hump. Maybe, that piece is Gordon Hayward.

Hayward Could Be On The Move

Gordon Hayward
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According to Sean Deveney of Heavy, the word around NBA circles is that the Charlotte Hornets would be glad to part ways with Hayward and the two years left in his contract:

“I think a guy they will keep an eye on is Gordon Hayward,” the NBA executive told Deveney. “Charlotte’s in a tough position with the [Miles] Bridges thing, they have [Steve] Clifford coming in, they’re in a position to rest things a little bit around LaMelo Ball. Hayward has two years left.

Why Would The Heat Do This?

Tyler Herro
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The Heat would have to give up a first-round pick to land Hayward. However, trading for him would allow them to avoid signing Tyler Herro to a big extension while also getting Duncan Robinson's massive contract off their books:

“If you want to give up [Tyler] Herro before you pay him and you want to move [Duncan] Robinson, you would have to add a pick, but those two guys and Omer [Yurtseven], that might be enough to get Hayward if the Hornets decide to reconfigure. It’s a short-term move for Miami, but they need to make their move now," Deveney explained. "You can play him at the 3 and go big or go small at the 4. He’s a guy they’ve had interest in before.”

Heat Save Money, Still Compete

Jimmy Butler
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While this wouldn't be the home run move most people expect from Riley and the Heat, it would put them in a better position for the upcoming offseason, salary-cap-wise.

Also, Hayward is one of the best forwards in the Eastern Conference when healthy, and the core of Kyle Lowry, Bam Adebayo, and Jimmy Butler should be good enough to compete even if Hayward fails to be on the court.

Hornets Get A Young Star

LaMelo Ball
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For the Hornets, landing a budding player like Herro while also getting a pick and Hayward's contract off their payroll would be a dream-like scenario.

Herro fits LaMelo Ball's timeline and could even start right away and get as many shots as he needs to take a step forward. Also, with Miles Bridges' future still up in the air, they need to make a move to bring more talent in.