Eva Longoria Talks Jealousy In Past Relationships

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Ingrid Vasquez

Eva Longoria has had multiple high-profile relationships. Because of that, the Latin actress has uncovered many lessons along the way. While speaking with author Isabel Allende on her ‘Connections with Eva Longoria’ podcast, Longoria spoke about how her experiences made her very jealous. She said that “jealousy takes up such an amount of energy,” and remembers “being so jealous and like your stomach is inside out." Check out her relationship history.

Where Is Eva's Relationship Status Now?

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Eva has currently been married to businessman José “Pepe” Bastón since 2016 and it looks like she is finally in a great place. She said about her third marriage on the podcast, “I think that’s why, with my second marriage - no wait, my third,” Eva laughed while correcting herself. “I do think, finding love at 40, I found (my husband) when I was 40 - and he was 50 - it was just like, ‘Can we just enjoy this life together?’ I mean I do yell at him for the toothbrush or something like that, still.” The pair welcomed their son, Santiago Enrique Bastón, in June 2018

What About Her Previous Marriages?

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Before José “Pepe” Bastón, Longoria was first married to basketball star Tony Parker. The marriage lasted from 2007 to 2011. She filed for divorce from Tony Parker in November 2010. The reason? The actress reportedly found that her husband was having an affair with Erin Barry, wife of former teammate Brent Barry. The two are said to have exchanged text messages after speaking extramaritally for a year. Her best friend, Mario Lopez, confirmed the news shortly after, saying that she was "devastated by the rumors of Tony's infidelity," and "heartbroken" over their split.

Who Was Her First Marriage With?

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Longoria was first married to Tyler Christopher. The pair were married from 2002 to 2004. The star never spoke publicly about her relationship with the General Hospital star. After the divorce, she briefly shared in an interview: "He was a lovely man, but I was very young," Eva explained. "I didn't know who I was, and I was still struggling as an actor. I was a terrible wife."

'Married In Our Hearts'

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Even though she is now in her third marriage, it looks like Longoria has found the one. She said about her marriage: "People ask us how it is being married now, but we were always married in our hearts and our souls. So the wedding was just a beautiful party to celebrate with everyone, but marriage-wise we just are still floating from three years of being together . . . Our wedding didn't change our relationship."