Mike Tyson Shares Thoughts About Fighting Jake Paul On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Mike Tyson
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Claudine Baugh

Heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson was up for all the jokes and gimmicks in a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The 55-year-old retired boxer however had everyone on the edge of their seats when he told Kimmel he’d be open to a fight with social media personality/ professional boxer Jake Paul.

Jake Paul Bids Fight With Mike 

Paul has repeatedly called out Tyson for a boxing match but the former undisputed heavyweight world champion had never taken up the offer seriously. Kimmel simply cut to the chase on last Friday’s episode and asked Iron Mike if he’d give Jake the time of day.

“Jake Paul, he keeps saying he wants to fight you, do you want to fight him?” the host asked. Mike pondered for a quick second and replied, “That could be very interesting, I never took it really serious but yeah, that could be very interesting.” 

Kimmel pressed on, “You think that he is skilled enough to make it something that you might actually want to do?”

“He’s skilled enough, yes I’m a give it to him,” Mike said. “He’s skilled enough because he’s winning. Even if he’s fighting guys, you guys don’t believe he should be fighting, they should be able to beat him but they can’t. So he’s beating people he shouldn’t really be beating … you gotta give him that credit. He’s doing good man.”

Mike Agrees To Fight Jake!

Mike said Jake was doing more for the sport right now than anyone else, pointing out that the YouTuber had over 70 million followers tuned into his fights.

“The champions in the world don’t have that many people following them so what he’s doing for boxing is just sensational,” Mike said. “No one should be hating on that, they should just say, ‘let's fight him’. He’s helping everybody get money, why people mad at him?”

Kimmel, wanting a clear answer, asked again, “So that’s something you might be interested in?

Mike responded, “Everything is possible, Yes! It’s gotta happen this year!”

Mike Could Be The Next ‘YouTube Champion’ Fighter 

Kimmel wanted to know if beating Jake would be the beginning of a faceoff with other YouTubers. “Then if you beat him [Jake] will you beat other YouTubers, will you go after … I don’t know, like Mr. Beast or ughh...” Mike interjected, “It might be possible I might be the YouTube champion.”

“Imma create a YouTube champion battle … get all the YouTubers together, plus myself, and we all fight each other,” Mike said.

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