Nikki And Brie Bella Launch New Wine Brand

Close up of Nikki and Brie Bella
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Retired WWE wrestlers Nikki and Brie Bella finally unveiled their new wine brand Bonita Bonita after teasing its release all year. The sisters first announced their new venture three months ago during a wine tasting trip to Napa Valley.

Nikki told her ten million-plus fans that Bonita Bonita would be part of the Napa Valley Bottlerock Food Festival on the 27th - 29th of this month. With the showing only one week away, Nikki took to her Instagram to express her excitement.

A Special Partner

"Today is a special day for me!!! Not only do I feel so lucky to do life with my twin sister especially in Napa Valley! I also or I should say we also have an incredible wine partner and good friend who has helped us break into the wine industry and do things that no one has seen before and with that said today..."

Nikki revealed that she and Brie got help from a seasoned connoisseur in creating the unique Rose wine. She also added some more information about the shipment and sale process.


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Wine, Fashion And Art

Nikki shared a picture of herself in a red and white polka-dotted top over tan leather pants, a complimentary red hat with red lipstick, and a matching red-rimmed sunshade nursing a glass of white wine. The mother of one said Wine, Fashion, and Art are three of her favorite things hence her impeccable style and inevitable foray into the winery industry.

Brie joined Nikki in another video promoting the wine's initial drop in April, saying fans should subscribe to avoid missing out on the goodies.

Bonita Bonita Wine Club Goes Live

The Bellas announced the launch of their Wine Club, offering exclusive rates and perks to their yearly subscribers. The official Instagram page wrote,

"Time to CELEBRATE because the Bonita Bonita Wine Club has officially launched!!Click link in bio to sign up! Space is limited! You’ll receive 2 shipments a year at $150.00 for 3 bottles! Salute from Team Bonita Bonita 🥂🤍"

According to the page, the Bonita Bonita wine is already sold out, but it promises more to come pending the Napa Valley Festival.

Sisters In Everything

Nikki and Brie don't limit their partnership to the ring and business but also Magazine Covers. This Mothers Day, they linked up for a joint shoot on the cover of Scottsdale City Lifestyle Magazine. It also doubled as a fashion shoot for the Colugo brand.