Mandy Sacs In Bikini Shares Her Happy Place

Close up of Mandy Rose
Wikimedia | Soma107


WWE NXT Champion Mandy Sacs, a.k.a. Rose, shared her excitement over the weather change with her three million Instagram audience. The 31-year-old who doubles as a sports model is no stranger to flaunting her ripped body, so her bikini came out when Spring Showers started falling.

It's not like she stopped wearing them even in the cold winter but now, she has a valid reason, and Mandy's taking full advantage of that! The athlete visited the beach and revealed that it was her happy place, although she didn't say why in her caption.

Summer Ready!

Mandy wore a two-tone, two-piece bikini matching the blue ocean and skies in her background. The V-shape bottoms and half-cut top had a light blue material hemmed with a darker shade of blue, and it highlighted her washboard body perfectly.

Despite boldly posing underneath the Sun, Mandy didn't forget to wear protective accessories - dark sunglasses and a small-brimmed hat with a red and black ribbon. She paired the outfit with casual beaded bracelets and sandals, letting her beach wave brown hair fall to her waist.

Twinning With Nature And Beach Accessories

As a fitness model, the athlete switched up her picture angle in each shot showing off her glutes, thighs, and legs while she leaned against a white fence. The blue tents and umbrellas mounted by other beach guests in the distance added to her picture's aesthetic.

While she enjoyed her mini-vacation, Mandy reminded her fans that Toxic Tuesday resumed last week by 8 pm on USA Network. She added a picture of her winning wrestling gear framing her heavily tanned body to buttress her point.

Check Out Her Ocean Eyes

As fans anticipate the next Toxic Tuesday, Mandy dropped another teaser showing off her blue contact lens with the caption, "Ocean Eyes." She wore a disco-inspired outfit featuring a cropped top with a plunging V-neckline and choker collar and icy blue high-waist bell bottoms.

Instead of leaving her hair in a messy beach wave, the athlete straightened it into a sleek style framing her voluminous black false lashes and glossy, plump lips.

Fashionably Fierce

Anybody facing Mandy this season better come with their A-Game, considering the pro-wrestler held on to her Championship belt even after two wins! The best part about her fighting is that she walks into the ring looking fashionable, not just in a flight-ready outfit. Mandy is the perfect union between feminine subtlety and masculine force - a formidable combo.