Olympian Eileen Gu In Bikini Soaks In Natural Hot Tub

Eileen Gu in Skiing gear wins the a Globe
Getty | Maddie Meyer

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Eileen Gu took a steamy dip in the natural Hot Sulfur Spring of Colorado after venturing into the freezing snow of the Alpines for the Winter Games. The Olympian posted a side profile of her slender body in a neon green bikini. Her bikini bottom – a thong – highlighted the curves of her bum while the warm springs covered her legs. Lifting the side of her underwear with a green bracelet-clad hand, Eileen smirks at the camera.

The freestyle skier piles her brown hair in a messy high bun letting some tendrils fall to the front and back. In the background, the natural steamy springs form the perfect backdrop as it fades seamlessly into the cloudy blue skies.

Mismatched Beauty

The Chinese-American athlete showed off a half portrait of her front frame in a mismatched barely-there bikini. Eileen embraced the water in Big Island, Hawaii, wearing a white halter neck string bra and thin band red bikini bottoms.

She styled her brown hair into two braided fishtails as she spread her hand over the water. In the first slide, she once more flaunts her well-rounded butt in a side profile, raising the waistband for a clearer view. That doesn’t help unless you zoom into the picture because Eileen poses at a distance from the camera. She looks good in that stance, though, so she still gets an A in our books.

Futuristic Liquid Bathing Suit

Bathing suits and Eileen Gu’s body are a match made in fashion heaven, and Fashion powerhouse Louis Vuitton noticed that. The creative director for the LV Twist tote purse made an informed decision to dress the Olympian in a liquid black long-sleeved bathing suit. The material clung to her skin and accentuated every curve from her upper body to her flat abs and tiny waist.

Eileen props her legs in a triangular angle and reclines on her elbow as the LV twist covers her midsection. She closes her eyes to soak in the sunrays feeling content on the white sandy beach of South Tyrol, Italy.  

Eileen Gu Represents China At Winter 2022 Olympics In Beijing

Beijing 2022 Poster
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The 18-year-old wins multiple medals at professional skiing championships asides from modeling. Because of her skill and the limited number of qualified skiers in China, Eileen Gu made the tough choice to compete with Team China for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

This choice put a “target” on Eileen’s back as many Americans feel betrayed. Some go as far as insinuating she’s renounced her American citizenship because China doesn’t recognize dual citizenship (as she has technically,) but that remains speculation.

Controversial Sponsorships

Eileen Gu holding a snow globe after winning a Winter Game in Red Bull skiing outfit
Getty | Sean M. Haffey

Daily Mail recently wrote a piece on the controversy of American brands continuing their sponsorship despite Eileen’s decision to compete for another country. Whether that would change in the nearest future is unknown. For now, however, she retains many of her working relationships, including being the face of big names like Tiffany & Co, and Louis Vuitton.